Herald Charity Foundation, situated in Cluj-Napoca develops accredited childcare services for three disadvantaged groups: teens come from broken homes, poor families and the elderly.

Herald Charity Foundation’s mission is to provide professional assistance to those in critical situations, and to learn them how to acquire social, emotional and financial resources, needed for a healthy and independent life.

Date of establishment: 5 March 2001

The main programs: “Day Centre for Teenagers,” “Counselling and Support Centre for Parents and Children” and “Elderly Home Assistance”.
Direct beneficiaries: 120

Assistance is given only if the assisted person undertakes to recognize the need for change and to participate actively and consistently in this change of thinking and behavior.

Assisted persons must be motivated and encouraged to join this process of change. If the person is not willing to make efforts to change, then assistance can not occur.

The assistance aims at the integration of the assisted person in society as a good and responsible person .