The aim of the programme

Our mission is to support teenagers and young people in their personal, educational and social development. Our goal is to provide the resources teenagers need to become valuable people in their communities, responsible adults equipped to help the society they live in.

What are we doing? Whom do we adress?

We are addressing teenagers aged from 13 to 19 years. The activities offered are complementary to educational activity offered by school. Thus, we support teenagers to develop their social, emotional and creative skills in the educational process.

Educational and leisure activities: camps and trips, theme parties, watching and discussing educational movies, crafts workshops, sports competitions, we celebrate together Christmas, Easter, birthdays, 1st of June;

Tutoring sessions  in order to prepare  teenagers for the national exams and to help them continue in the educational system;

Personal development groups: health education, civic education, psycho-educational support for self-knowledge and  self-esteem increase, to acquire healthy habits of relating to oneself and others, appropriate communication and emotion expressing skills,  and planning time and personal life on the goals and priorities set;

Career education and vocational guidance: teenagers have the opportunity to discover their personal interests and inclinations, they are being counseled regarding choosing a future career and further education according to personal profile;

Counseling and emotional support in order to  support and motivate for change, taking responsibilities and overcoming problematic situations through good decisions with positive implications in the lives of teenagers;

Prevention activities: alcohol, drug and tobacco addiction prevention, computer and television addiction prevention, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, teenagers pregnancies, prevention of  involvement in harmful activities or backgrounds .


email: proiect.adolescenti@fundatiaherald.org