The purpose of the program

The purpose of the program is to improve the quality of life assisted family, strengthening functional roles of husband- wife and parents-children, acquiring effective ways to cope the problems and the continuation of life on their own.

What are we doing? Whom do we adress?

Beneficiaries of the program are family with children in primary school class with insufficient financial income- member, or passing through a difficult situation (physical, occupational, relational), issues of physical abuse, emotional or verbal, difficulties in adapting to school of the children in these families, accompanied by the family’s inability to manage them efficiently, lack of own resources for exit from crisis and networking deficient.

If one of the above situation are present in your family, you can benefit from our free services:

  • Prevention and intervention activities;
  • Group meetings with parents: parenting sessions and support groups;
  • Individual and familial counseling: assess problems and provide alternative resources for overcoming difficult situations;
  • Group activities for children: help homework, recreational and educational activities for personal development
  • Social information
  • Intermediates (medicals, legal, social, advice in finding a job, a rent, etc)

Contact :

email: proiect.familii@fundatiaherald.org