Rimona Goiti – President Velica Boari – Vice-President Rodica Staniste – Economic Director Valer Goron – Counselor Camelia Goron – Counselor Laura Veja – Counselor Monica Veja – Counselor


ADMINISTRATIVE Rimona Goiti – Director Loredana Dreptate –  Marketing Assistant Violeta Neagu – Accountant Expert CONSELLING AND SUPPORT CENTER FOR PARENTS AND CHILDREN Marcela Cozos –  Coordinator Flavia Sfatu – Social Assistant DAY CENTER FOR ADOLESCENTS Mihaela Coman –  Coordinator Noemi Sava – Social Assistant ELDERLY HOME ASSISTANCE Damaris Coman – Social Worker Rafila Piclisan –[…]


Herald Charity Foundation, situated in Cluj-Napoca develops accredited childcare services for three groups: teens, families and the elderly. Mission Herald Charity Foundation’s mission is to provide professional assistance to those in critical situations and to learn them how to acquire social, emotional and financial resources, needed for a healthy and independent life. Date of establishment:[…]