The aim of the programme

The programme is dedicated to assisting seniors over 65, at home, living alone, without any sustainers. It consists of improving the quality of life of the person assisted through gaining the capacity of social reintegration, while preventing loneliness, isolation, poverty, depression and suicide.

What are we doing? Whom do we address?

Within the programme we assist elderly people, over 65, alone, whose incomes are insufficient for daily living and who benefit from our foundation’s services according to their needs.

Through each activity we do we pursue the interest of our beneficiaries and the improvement of their life quality.

Counseling and emotional and spiritual support.

Since the elderly are facing illnesses, lacks and loneliness, during the counseling time we discuss their problems and anxieties and together we think of strategies and solutions to prevent loneliness, isolation, depression and suicidal thoughts.

Support group.

Group meetings for socialization. We tackle different topics in our discussions, which target the problems they are facing, while helping them to relate to these problems correctly.

Social and pastime activities.

We do this through marking the most important days in their life: birthdays, March 8, Easter, Christmas, the International Day of Older Persons, trips in the local area, going to the confectionery, shopping, to the park.

Intermediation services.

We offer accompanying and transportation to the doctor, hospital, as well as hospital admission and discharge, medication, within the limits of the allocated finances.

Help with housekeeping and cooking.

With the help of our volunteers and according to the needs, we step in where assistance is needed.

Weekly or monthly shopping.

Shopping is being done any time needed or depending on the financial income of the beneficiary.


email: proiect.varstnici@fundatiaherald.org