October – December 2017

The cold weather has come and with it also the joints pain, more worries with the increased gas bills during the winter period.

Although this is a difficult period for our elderly ladies, we try to offer them a good direction and a positive attitude to their thoughts to avoid  falling into depression. We have to strengthen their hope in our Creator.

We had organised in October a day of celebration for our elderly who were able to come to our foundation office and for those who were able to be transported with  the Herald’s car. We had prepared a special program with the occasion of the International Day of Elderly (1st October), but we also had a time of thanksgiving and we were happy that we managed to enjoy this time together. A group of volunteers prepared a few songs, a motivational and encouraging message for our ladies. The elderly ladies had also prepared poems, stories from their life and advices for the young volunteers. It was a beautiful and emotional meeting.

We also shared presents, we eat pizza (thank you Sotto! ) and we had cakes too (thank you Lemnul Verde!)

In this period our elderly have also benefited from our constant services: household cleaning, monthly and weekly shopping,  personal care, medical attendance, intermediation, bills paid, medicines, hospital visits, counselling, group therapy, taking a walk together, etc.

Our volunteers complete some of our jobs, bringing hope, happiness and help in their loneliness. They are angels (how the elderly ladies call them) who bring the good news to those without hope. Because these kind of people are in need in a higher number, we had started to search for new volunteers since November. We advertised and also participated together with a volunteer to a radio show about the importance of volunteering. After the radio show, we were contacted by a student who was willing to get involved in our project.

Some of our elderly ladies need more special assistance. For example, lady Erszebet needs wood  every year during the cold season. Even though she has a small pension, together we were able to save some money for this during the summer months. So when the cold weather came we bought wood for her, and found three volunteers who came and cut and stacked them.

As always, before the Christmas holidays, it was a time of presents offering, a time when our sponsors were generous. We thank the One who sends all good things, the Father of lights!