October – December 2015

In our elders lives, this end of the year has come with the nostalgia of the passed time, of becoming old, but also with the belief that the coming year will be full of joy, of fulfilled wishes.

The last quarter of this year has begun with the celebration of the International Day of Older Persons. At this event were invited those persons that could walk and we brought them with the car at the foundation. It was a reason of great joy, for elders but also for us. They got presents, flowers, food and cake. Each of them had the opportunity to share personal experiences, hardships and reasons of happiness.
Also in this month, October, our volunteers were invited at a meeting, where we also invited someone who is very involved in training activities with volunteers. As objective we had to refresh our motivation, to redefine our purposes and to share the experiences or solving the problems appeared in the process.
Some of our beneficiary were on a trip at the mountains, in Somesul Rece. We enjoyed the fresh air, new friendships, a beautiful time in the silence of nature.

A new project started in December, a project for the elders who are living in this neighborhood. We have as goals informational and educational activities in a variety of fields of interest for this target group. In this regard, at the firs meeting we invited two policemen who talked about self-defenseless in case of robbery, they exposed the thieves methods and how they are trying to fool the elders.
Our objective for the next year is to have such meetings every month, with different themes.
Winter holidays bring a lot of joy and with this ocasion we gifted our beneficiary with presents and sweets, next to the monthly food package.

We wish that all our beneficiaries, volunteers and sponsors involved in our projects a blessed year, full of strength and faith!