July – September 2017

This summer was difficult for our elderly ladies due to the heat waves and sudden changes in temperature. However, some of them had a joyful summer. The ones who still have children and grandchildren had family reunions and had a wonderful time together with the loved ones. As mentioned earlier, the sudden changes in temperature, we had many of our elderly ladies complaining of joint pain, headaches and dizziness.

We also noticed this summer that, as the time goes by, the physical state of our ladies gets worse and they become more helpless and in need of others support. A few of the activities and services offered to our elders in this quarter were: taking them to the doctor, collecting prescriptions from their doctors and also fetch their medications from the pharmacy.

We had a special case this quarter. One lady got injured and she needed to be visited more often, we had to cook for her and help her with the daily hygiene. As the summer was drawing to an end and autumn made its mark since the beginning of September, most ladies needed help preparing for the fall season (general cleaning).

Besides physical health, as they age, their mental health also weakens. This affects their behavior, especially when they have to take decisions. Counseling and emotional support services are absolutely necessary, as they help them to find themselves and improve the feeling of loneliness.

Beyond all these problems, we have the opportunity to observe and to learn from the strength of these women, who feel that they have nothing left to offer. Although, they are often overwhelmed by their illnesses and worries, they do not let this get them down, and continue to fight through the struggles and pick themselves up and exercise, so they will not be in the position to not being able to get out of the house.

We thank our elders, for what they were and who they have become over the years and for the privilege of serving them and learn from their wisdom!

DAMARIS COMAN – Coordinator