Elderly News January – March 2018

We started this year being aware of the fact that the health of our elderly people is getting worse, but with our decision that we will do our best to ease their everyday lives and to be their help in need.

As at any beginning of the year, the necessary modifications and completions were made in the beneficiaries’ files, planning their assistance, looking for new beneficiaries and new volunteers. Besides all this work, we continued to offer home care services for our elderly people.
Every month from this quarter, has brought new challenges and situations, both for us and for the elderly. Changing weather with fluctuating temperatures, flu around us, hospital admissions, appointments and investigations to physicians, conflicts, and losses have all brought changes.
A sad event, a challenge for one of the beneficiaries occurred at the end of 2017. Her son was hospitalized for three months in intensive care after a tragic accident and died at the end of March. All this time, I witnessed the devotion and love of a mother for her only son.

We celebrated the 8th of March (Women’s Day) and the Lord’s Resurrection Day, giving flowers and gifts to our beneficiaries. Every month, the elderly who celebrated their birthday received a gift: cake. They felt special. In addition to this, they received monthly food packs, occasional shopping, and also vitamins and other necessary drugs treatments. Thanks for taking part with us.


Estera Nedelcu – Coordinator