January – March 2016

We started this year with enthusiasm, positive thoughts, hoping that the plans we have made will bring joy and a better change for our beneficiaries.

We took over, others beneficiaries too and, as we planed, started to organize monthly thematic meetings, at our headquarters. The transport was assured by one of our volunteers, and for the first meeting of the year we discussed about „A healthy feeding”, during which our guest presented what it means to take care of your body, how digestion works and what is good for elders to eat. In February we had a meeting focused on manual skills and some games for knowing each other better.

In 8 March we had a special celebration for women and our guest exposed them an encouraging and motivating message. On this meetings we are also celebrating the birthday of our elderly for those born in that month.

We offered to the beneficiaries food package every month, but at the weekly visits we are also buying dairy products, vegetables, fruits. We continued to perform different meditations and to assure the transport to the hospital for those who need. Where it was needed we offered personal care services, which consists in hygiene, feeding, mobilization, movement, supervision in taking the medication. Also domestic and household services like: cooking, washing clothes, bed hygiene, cleaning the house.

We thank God for all the care for us, and we thank you for your support! God bless you!