July – September 2013

No matter where we are in life, it moves on the same way. The rhythm of living might be changed, as well as the values and principles that we have, but every age has its own problems. The need for belonging, for protection, for love and being loved, they are all there, whether you are a child, an adult or and older person. When you are old, you get to add the constant need for help, feeling lonely and useless on the list, problems that you can’t solve on your own.

Therefore, we (people from Herald) come in to help these old people who are facing such problems, ready to help and find solutions that can be implemented. For those who can’t move, we did all that was needed: shopping and distributing food at home, visits to the doctors, pharmacies, and other unexpected places to go to.

In order to remove loneliness, we visited the old ladies every week, we went for a walk or to have some cake, we kept in touch on the phone and we made sure that the voluntaries who are involved in the project fulfil their responsibility of visiting them. Even though the assisted persons are old, they need to socialize, that is why we addressed this need and we made it possible for them to attend a trip for older people at Somesul Rece. This was a great and memorable event for them.

We consider the old ladies to be a part of our family, the Herald family. One always tries to help and to give to family members, so that they have everything they need and joy in their hearts. We try to do this for the old ladies every day and we are grateful to God for every time we succeed!

We would like you to see what happened during the past three months, beyond our words, so we are also sending a few pictures, wishing for joy and gratitude to fill your hearts as well!

Pădure Diana