January – March 2013

We entered this year with a lot of energy, filled with the desire of continuing to help those in need, of bringing joy and light to the souls burdened by difficulties, illness, loneliness and old age.

Each season and each day is beautiful if you know how to rejoice in it, if you manage to see life in different colors, not just grey and black. But what do you do when the outside cold penetrates your souls and freezes the last crumbs of joy, when it steals your motivation and desire of fighting? Older ladies often lose their strength to fight, because they are overwhelmed by loneliness and illnesses. This is where we, from Herald, step in. We bring joy, safety and hope in their hearts through either great or small, but important things for them. Older people expect and wish for visits, monthly or weekly shopping, going for a walk, going to the café, having company when going to the doctor, intermediation, company, counseling and other activities. The message we give through all these is: ”you are not alone, you have a family, you are loved and taken care of.”

We encourage you to treasure the ones close to you as long as you have them with you. We usually realize the value people have only when we don’t have them anymore. Don’t wait for such a time when there is nothing you can do for them, when you can’t tell them that you love them. Life is sometimes a paradox. One of the old ladies had her 90th birthday, a moment of great joy. But we also experienced sadness and pain, because saying goodbye is difficult. We recently had to…Mrs. Margareta Bercean left on March 6th at the age of 90 years old.

What have we planned for this year and have already accomplished in these three months? We wanted to continue our purpose: to help old people. We wanted to motivate other people to become our partners, either as volunteers, material or financial supporters or maybe as people who encourage us in times of need. Let us bring spring in the souls of older people!