Elders News January – March 2019

I started this quarter being aware of the health status of the beneficiaries.  It gets worse, but with the determination that we will try to help improve the quality of their lives. As at any beginning of the year, the changes and the indispensable completions were made in the beneficiarie’s  files, while the planning of their assistance was elaborated. Because one of the beneficiaries died, I replaced her with a new one. Also, this quarter I was looking for new volunteers who have facilitated our work through devotion and love to the elderly. Besides these changes, we continued to provide home care services for 19 elderly.

Every month of this period has brought new challenges, not just for us, but also for beneficiary. Due to the changing weather with fluctuating temperatures, the flu flowing through new hospital admissions, appointments and investigations to doctors, conflicts between family members, loss, physical, but also mental health of the elderly have produced changes.  Moreover, in the visits undertaken for this purpose it was necessary to implement a housekeeping easy or general clean-up, because there are ativities which the aging body can no longer makes it once again, as it appears unpunished, and the danger of falling. Within this service we do everything about the hygiene of a home, so that the elderly can live in conditions decent and clean. In the case of non-launderers, we have brought clothing and linen to be washed at the base, returning them clean and dry.

On 8 March I celebrated the International Women’s Day, because we had a date especially at the base of the foundation. Together with our beneficiaries we have invited many elderly people from carriage Gruia, resulting in an unforgettable celebration. The message I sent was one of encouraging them to manage their suits. Together we saw the importance and the role that women have in their family, society and how they can do it best. I also had a time in which we have learned what is gratitude, joy and glory among us we have found reasons for which to thank God. Some of them wanted to share experiences or sing. Our guests have also received a gift, along with a gift tulip. Thanks to the volunteers who offered us food and help in organizing this event, but also the sponsors, it’s all over. We thank all those who, with us, contribute that our elderly lives are better, lighter, cheerful and beautiful!

Estera Nedelcu – Coordinator