Elders News April – June 2019

Spring!! Easter! Celebrations! Heat! Sun! Flowers! Green!!

As we rejoice of spring arrival, elders do the same! They fully rejoice !

Looks like all ladies arise to life! You can see on their faces the joy of the possibility to go out for a walk helped by us and all pain looks like a bit less then usual. What a joy to be able to be useful with little services but so needed for them: companion,  house cleaning, weekly and monthly shopping, taking them to the doctor and hospital and many other services! We are useful! Just be there for them! What a comfort for them! For us the feeling to be useful is bringing us unspeakable joy! Challenges are over the place, therefor we need a lot of patience and forgiveness, but our godly love for them brings us heavenly power for every day! The joy of being useful and and doing good are again, unspeakable!!

Three of the ladies had their birthdays! We celebrated them!! Their joy was overwhelming!

We did not have unexpected or especial events which was again rejoicing.

Instead we got the news that the law of accreditation has been changed. Therefor we will have to make some changes and is good we can choose a standard which will help us to not make so many paper work but to spend more time with beneficiary and involve more volunteers.

Likewise every month we had to do many paper work and reports which takes a lot of time. This is a must.

Thanks to be given to all which sponsored Herald. Thank you that in this way you are part of all good work and services been given daily to all our ladies, which is manly a routine but a useful and indispensable one!!

 Rimona Goiti РCoordinator