Elderly News October-December 2019

Winter like Autumn!! We had a soft winter, it was mainly like an Autumn. What an answer to prayers! Small bills, less clothes, small risks of flu. Truly joy for all our old ladies which are grateful to The One who gives the cold and the warm weather….

We The Heralds, we are just beside them and we rejoice together with them for the soft winter which is near gone. We are full with joy  to be able to be useful with little services but so needed for them: companion,  house cleaning, weekly and monthly shopping, taking them to the doctor and hospital and many other services!  Just to be there for them is a great privilege for us! What a comfort for them! For us the feeling to be useful is bringing us unspeakable joy!

At the end of 2019 we had few of our beneficiaries which had died. Death brings sadness and pain. But we had also few birthdays to celebrate.  Their joy was overwhelming. They were like children when they receive presents and cake! They know that are loved by us, that we care. Yes, we love them!

In December we celebrated Christmas, the birth of Jesus, the Savior, our Lord.

We had the Tufar family invited with their 3 out of 4 boys. They told us their testimony and they sang Carols. We joined them singing. It was truly heavenly for all of us! Attending the meeting were our beneficiaries but also elderly neighbors. To the end of the meeting, we sang together, we ate, and all those which were present received a gift.

Likewise every month we had to do many paper work and reports which takes a lot of time. This is a must.

Thanks to be given to all which sponsored Herald. Thank you that in this way you are part of all good work and services been given daily to all our ladies, which is manly a routine but a useful and indispensable one!!


Rimona Goiti – Coordinator