Elderly News October – December 2018

In this quarter the weather has changed, and with it there have been joint pains or worries about gas bills and medical expenses that are more expensive during this time. Nevertheless, we support our elders by doing everything we do to ourselves, and it does not lead to despondency and discouragement. Over the course of this quarter, we provided home assistance, daily shopping, bill payment, doctor attendance, and all kinds of intermediaries.

Also, in October, on the occasion of the International Day of the Elder, we organized a special program for our beneficiaries and not only. Elders were invited near the Gruia neighborhood. We had a time of thanksgiving, jubilee, holiday where we shared stories and personal experiences, talked about fruitfulness, we sang and drank together. During this time, a group of volunteers supported us in this activity through songs and appreciation and encouragement messages prepared for the beneficiaries. Elderly people also contributed by exchanging experience with each other or providing advice to young volunteers. It was a beautiful, emotional encounter.

We shared gifts and served together a family of volunteer offerings that I thank very much. The volunteers we have are a real and valuable help in our work, offering their present joy, hope and a welcome presence in loneliness. In this quarter, some of the volunteers wanted to help transport the beneficiaries to our headquarters and they had in our hearts to be with us on the occasion of the Birth of the Lord, which took place in December at the Foundation’s headquarters, enjoying those in the elderly through the carols that we prepared together for them, but also through the messages of encouragement and hope sent by volunteers and us, the Herald team.

As usual, it was usually a gift time, a time when sponsors were generous, and children enjoyed more consistent aids in Christmas food and Christmas gifts. The carnage at their home was a great occasion of joy! Thanks to all care, together with us we make our better, lighter, cheerful and beautiful life for our elders!

Estera Nedelcu – Coordinator