Elderly News July – September 2019

Summer and then Autumn! With Autumn time cold weather came and also rain. Cold weather brings with it big bills…Our ladies are questioning themselves: How cold it will be? How big rheumatic  pain it will be? What about the flu? And so on…

In the midst of all those worries here we are: The Heralds! We are just beside them! We encourage them and bring them hope. It is great to be useful with little services but so needed for them: companion,  house cleaning, weekly and monthly shopping, taking them to the doctor and hospital and many other services! We are useful! Just to be there for them is a great privilege! What a comfort for them! For us the feeling to be useful is bringing us unspeakable joy! Five of the ladies had their birthdays! We celebrated them!! Their joy was overwhelming!

We did not have unexpected or especial events which was again joy.

Likewise every month we had to do many paper work and reports which takes a lot of time. This is a must.

Thanks to be given to all which sponsored Herald. Thank you that in this way you are part of all good work and services been given daily to all our ladies, which is manly a routine but a useful and indispensable one!!

Rimona Goiti – Coordinator