July – September 2018

  The last three months with the teenagers were very dynamic, strewed with many activities and implicitly beautiful experiences. During summer months they had many opportunities to discover themselves more, to develop, to take courage and to try new things. So in July, after a period of emotion and sustained effort for the teenagers in terminal grades, there was the camp[…]

April – June 2018

During this time, we sought to stay close to each teenager and give them courage, hope and guidance in the challenges they face. These challenges are different. Some of them struggle with themselves, with insecurity, discouragement, distrust, fear, unforgiveness, others struggle with stress and worry about school, exams and future decisions. Others have difficult struggles in their own families[…]

January – March 2018

The teenagers started the new year 2018 with gratitude in their hearts but also with new thoughts and decisions for the year ahead. Everyone took a special time to analyze everything they learned in 2017 and also they made specific decisions for 2018. In February, the group meetings themes and the educative activities were focused[…]

October – December 2017

The last three months of the year we had with the teens were full of dynamism with various activities for each meeting. Monthly meetings were also attended by our volunteers who gave us a helping hand. In October we focused more on moral lesson on our weekly groups such as, listening and paying attention to those around us,[…]

July – September 2017

During this period, we had our usual group meetings, individual discussions with teenagers and their parents, as well as, recreational activities. We also managed to get together with our volunteers. Each month had its own characteristic, besides all the usual activities. The beginning of July was spent with all the camp preparations and we enjoyed one week of activities and[…]

April – June 2017

Over the past three months we have been working with teenagers and planning various activities both at our headquarters and in the open air. We started the month of April with recreational activities and continued with thematic discussions with topics of interest for teenagers. At the end of the month we prepared a special Easter[…]

January – March 2017

This period was full of events and diverse activities: from motivational lessons with moral issues to leisure and social activities (playing games, going out, watching educational movies). In the first month of the year we wanted to do something fun, even though it was still cold outside, so we organized a visit to the rink.[…]

October – December 2016

In the last months of 2016 we had various meetings with the teenagers, some with discussions for character building, and others for relaxing and socializing. During this period our teenagers had the opportunity to attend the Software Testing Course at the Day Center, which had both a theoretical part and a practical application. Through this[…]