October – December 2017

We are back with fresh information about our Day Care Center for Counseling and Support for Parents and Children. In October  at our monthly meeting with the parents we had Daniel Ciungan as guest speaker, discussing the differences between men and women to the families. In the same time our team psychotherapist continued with the monthly lessons about the four patterns of couple conflict resolution methods, communication and[…]

July – September 2017

During this summer we had our summer camp with the families held at Sequoia Pension. The activities for this camp were focused on couple relationships. We prepared seminars for parents, for example we had the seminar “Laugh your way to Better Mariage” by Mark Gungor, where parents have discovered the way women and men think about all aspects of marriage. After[…]

April – June 2017

During this period we continued our activities with more energy and joy, due to the good changes that started to appear in the school environment, where we carry out some of the activities of the center. We had lessons in school, we did activities for preventing physical violence. We explained to children what it means[…]

January – March 2017

This year we started a new project: “A Better World”, due to the increasing phenomenon of violence among pupils. The project takes place in the High School Eugen Pora, with kids from 0-IV classes. We consider as gaining an early age social values, ethical and moral ends with the adults responsible and thus changed and[…]

October – December 2016

In this period we had group meetings for both parents and children separately and also meetings with children and parents together. The meetings were aiming to identify and share the problems that cause difficulties and also finding the optimum solutions for subjects such as parenting, social life and family. A novelty in approaching the children[…]

July – September 2016

Counseling and Support Center for Children and Parents continued with it’s specific activities. In this trimester we had counseling meetings with parents, couples, and being in vacation, we had support meetings with groups of parents. The meetings focused on identifying problems that cause difficulties and finding optimal solutions. For children we have made recreation and[…]

April – June 2016

Activities of The Center of Counseling and Support for Parents and Children have responded identified needs of developing relational parenting skills and management and social. Were covered with parents new materials for training of connecting-correcting skills of the child. Thus, we continued with support (daily) for homework (tutoring for children with learning difficulties). We are[…]

January – March 2016

In the Center of Counseling and Support for Parents and Children we continued our activities and actions in the service of restoration and increase wellbeing in the lives of beneficiaries we serve. During this time, we worked in the new form of the project, namely help with homework, and extracurricular formative and recreational activities with[…]