July – September 2018

Another three months have passed, months with ups and downs. We have managed to get to know the older ones better, to know their vulnerabilities, needs, and joys. When people see an old woman, who hardly even goes with the stick, they are probably thinking she’s a “wreck.” That’s what I was seeing until I[…]

April – June 2018

Three months have passed, but so many things have happened…. Together with the elders, we went through more or less painful and sad experiences but we also shared happiness and other wonderful things in our lives. April was difficult in many ways. It began with the death of one of the elderly, following an cardiac[…]

January – March 2018

We started this year being aware of the fact that the health of our elderly people is getting worse, but with our decision that we will do our best to ease their everyday lives and to be their help in need. As at any beginning of the year, the necessary modifications and completions were made[…]

October – December 2017

The cold weather has come and with it also the joints pain, more worries with the increased gas bills during the winter period. Although this is a difficult period for our elderly ladies, we try to offer them a good direction and a positive attitude to their thoughts to avoid  falling into depression. We have[…]

July – September 2017

This summer was difficult for our elderly ladies due to the heat waves and sudden changes in temperature. However, some of them had a joyful summer. The ones who still have children and grandchildren had family reunions and had a wonderful time together with the loved ones. As mentioned earlier, the sudden changes in temperature,[…]

April – June 2017

Looking back at these past three months, we can only thank God for life, for the way things worked, for the people with whom we were able to help the elderly with whom we work. With good and sunny weather, the health of the elderly seems to improve; the fear that they will not have[…]

January – March 2017

If for us a new year means plans, dreams, new decisions, for most seniors all remain the same, same routine, the same habits. Depression and negative thoughts are emphasized in this period both because of loneliness, and because of higher costs in the winter. We are glad that we can be useful and that we[…]

October – December 2016

The passing of time brings changes on many levels, sometimes changes regarding the lens through which we all see the world, sometimes changes in our relationships, or in our own environment. We can become wiser or choose to backslide. For the elderly, having support is very important. Something that they can rely on in those[…]