Elderly News October-December 2019

Winter like Autumn!! We had a soft winter, it was mainly like an Autumn. What an answer to prayers! Small bills, less clothes, small risks of flu. Truly joy for all our old ladies which are grateful to The One who gives the cold and the warm weather…. We The Heralds, we are just beside[…]

Elderly News July – September 2019

Summer and then Autumn! With Autumn time cold weather came and also rain. Cold weather brings with it big bills…Our ladies are questioning themselves: How cold it will be? How big rheumatic  pain it will be? What about the flu? And so on… In the midst of all those worries here we are: The Heralds![…]

Elders News April – June 2019

Spring!! Easter! Celebrations! Heat! Sun! Flowers! Green!! As we rejoice of spring arrival, elders do the same! They fully rejoice ! Looks like all ladies arise to life! You can see on their faces the joy of the possibility to go out for a walk helped by us and all pain looks like a bit[…]

Elders News January – March 2019

I started this quarter being aware of the health status of the beneficiaries.  It gets worse, but with the determination that we will try to help improve the quality of their lives. As at any beginning of the year, the changes and the indispensable completions were made in the beneficiarie’s  files, while the planning of[…]

Elderly News October – December 2018

In this quarter the weather has changed, and with it there have been joint pains or worries about gas bills and medical expenses that are more expensive during this time. Nevertheless, we support our elders by doing everything we do to ourselves, and it does not lead to despondency and discouragement. Over the course of[…]

Elderly News July – September 2018

Another three months have passed, months with ups and downs. We have managed to get to know the older ones better, to know their vulnerabilities, needs, and joys. When people see an old woman, who hardly even goes with the stick, they are probably thinking she’s a “wreck.” That’s what I was seeing until I[…]

Elderly News April – June 2018

Three months have passed, but so many things have happened…Together with the elders, we went through more or less painful and sad experiences but we also shared happiness and other wonderful things in our lives. April was difficult in many ways. It began with the death of one of the elderly, following an cardiac arrest.[…]

Elderly News January – March 2018

We started this year being aware of the fact that the health of our elderly people is getting worse, but with our decision that we will do our best to ease their everyday lives and to be their help in need. As at any beginning of the year, the necessary modifications and completions were made[…]