April – June 2015

These three months have gone by very fast, time went by and has left behind events, memories, happy times and times of sorrow, that every person recalls in a special and unique way. Elderly people, because of the way they perceive the world, feel every gesture, every word and action in a much personal, deeper manner.

Vulnerable, dependent on everybody’s else support, they fear to be abandoned, left alone or neglected. Some of them have real battles in their hearts and seen or hidden, their cry can be expressed in so many ways, that most of the time are incomprehensible. That feeling of not being useful, not needed, to be inside the house all day, while the outside with all the hurry and noises, and liveliness brings more of the feeling of isolation.

By contrast the feeling of belonging, safety that a person close to them can bring, their presence and proof of love gives these elderly people the hope and trust that the passing from this world is less painful. A kind word, a warm meal, a walk around the building of flats, the assurance that we care, and in the middle of all our responsibilities, we make time for them, adds so much to their well being. They cannot practically repay us, but the contentment and satisfaction are not to be expected from the outside, but is better seen as the thought of knowing deep down that we did what we must do and we were obliged to do for any neighbour that is in need.

We try with every visit, to make the feeling of security and belonging stronger, we do our best in trying to listen, to understand, and to take the most proper action. On Easter time, every woman received a little gift, cake, and the monthly food bag .Because of the nice weather we can now go for nice walks, or go shopping together. Our volunteers are a very important help, and participate intensely to activities that the foundation is sustaining like: shopping, home chores, help with cooking, outings, reading for the elderly, and  being a nice happy contact person.