April – June 2013

We received the same lesson again, given not long ago, namely: What is the purpose of our life? Which is the reason why we get out of bed in the morning and run all day? What we collect, gather in this life? If it were possible to put a price on your life, how do you think would it cost? What would be the unit of measure? House, car, salary, clothes, holidays, other goods? Does it matter good words, smiles, helping hand, helping in time of need, listening ears? Maybe for young people, doesn’t matter, but for older people is what matters the most. Material goods are almost worthless for them. They no longer have the power to run, to lay, to raise. They now collect good words, encouragement, smiles and these are the things that motivates and empowers them to begin a new day. Course material and financial needs are there to, and we have dealt with, during this period, with all categories of needs: physical, financial, emotional, spiritual.

At the risk of repeating ourselves, we say: do good to those who are in need, regardless of the form of good! After they left us we can not do anything. This is how it is for Orosz Ilona. After two years of knowing and assisted her, she left. Of the 125 lei per month, semi-paresis on the right side in remission, it was impossible to handle. We cared for her lovingly and faithfully, but in 4th June, her suffering was ended. Separation was painful and left traces. We miss her, but we want to go forward.

We realize how important is to not miss any opportunity to do good, to do things at the right time, with the appropriate solutions, so that, at the end of a thing, or at the end of a period of time, you can say: I did everything I could, everything I knew, everything that kept me at the time, for that person. That’s what we do every day in the Herald: we take care of our elderly as best we can, we give what we can, as we believe it is necessary and beneficial for them. We enjoy each time we cross the threshold of the house, when we can listen, encourage, when we can do shopping for them, we go out for a walk, or spoil them with one cake. Joy and fulfillment is on both sides! We invite you to be happy, that happiness that comes from devotion!

Ivasciuc Diana