Elderly News April – June 2018

Three months have passed, but so many things have happened…Together with the elders, we went through more or less painful and sad experiences but we also shared happiness and other wonderful things in our lives.

April was difficult in many ways. It began with the death of one of the elderly, following an cardiac arrest. The woman who lost her son at the end of the March, was going through a difficult period, and she didn’t want to accept all the thinks that happened. She was going daily to the cemetery, and she didn’t find any reason to live any more. I visited her more often, I tried to give her more moral and emotional sustain, to supervise her halt and to make sure if she was eating. One of the beneficiaries has been injured after a women knock her down and tried to steel her bag. Now she has a fractured hand.

For the next two months I did mediation at hospitals, I transported and accompanied the elderly for analysis or internment. This service we offered means a lot to our ladies who have no one to call for support and accompaniment. We are rewarded by seeing the joy and their faces radiating gratitude in the midst of all the sufferings and fears.

During this period, we took over two beneficiaries, but we also canceled the contracts for some elderly; people who either quit or haven’t been able to work with them. We also had a meeting with our dedicated volunteers, where we discussed the experience we accumulated in working with the elderly. We appreciate the great help that these girls offer to our beneficiaries. No monthly food packages have been missing this quarter. Besides these, fruits, bread, dairy products – all were offered for the elderly to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Cojocaru Damaris  – Coordinator