April – June 2016

Sunny days and stormy days, some days are quiet, some complicated. But there comes an age when the things seem totally unpredictable and hard to plan. You don`t know how much it will hurt you, you don`t know if you`ll be able to step up from the house or if you won`t forget the saucepan on the stove. All these are a glimpse of our elders`s reality. However, despite all the pain and the shortcomings, they still have the courage to hope, thinking at that person who will help them out without asking something instead. The challenge is to be ourselves those people who are listening and who are obeying That guidance who urges us to be good and helpful for those in need, for those who are waiting for help.

In this 3 months we continued to do our activity offering the same services and we continued with the monthly meetings at the headquarter of our foundation. In April, the meeting had as subject The Easter, and we celebrated the birthday of those who were born in April with cake and presents. The elders were transported at and from foundation by us.
May also was special because we collaborated with another foundation and the elders from there came to visit us and they had an artistic literary program. Also we had some activities of occupational therapy, medical check-up, birthday party again with cake and presents.These monthly meetings are long waited by our elders and we consider that the proposed goals are achieved.

It was offered an monthly food package and the foundation covered the costs for it and for the elders`s transport. Where was necessary we offered services for hygiene and menage.
Our plan for this sunny weather is to go with some elders in a trip and we hope that the weather will be right for a beautiful time together.