Elderly News July – September 2018

Another three months have passed, months with ups and downs. We have managed to get to know the older ones better, to know their vulnerabilities, needs, and joys. When people see an old woman, who hardly even goes with the stick, they are probably thinking she’s a “wreck.” That’s what I was seeing until I had the privilege of better knowing their past, present and them as persons. My perspective has changed and now I see strong women, true heroines, that deserve the respect of others. This privilege is due to our visits into their houses and lives.

We went through a warm summer in which the elderly needed to be programmed and transported to hospitals, specialists, to be accompanied both in the hospital, but also to shoppings. The necessary activities for elderly’s project have involved :

  • Housekeeping, cleaning, cooking,
  • Washing clothes and linen,
  • Helping with personal hygiene and many others.

At the beginning of this autumn we went through a difficult time with one of the grannies. Everything started with mild auditory hallucinations, which turned into violent hallucinations. She was admitted to psychiatry, but they quickly left her home. Because it was a danger to herself and her neighbors, she was hospitalized in a care center where she died after three days. ‘For what is your life? You’re just a steam that looks a little and then it’s gone. ‘- The Bible

Damaris Cojocaru – Coordinator